Carbonmastic... What is it?

Carbonmastic is essentially a small Stone Mastic Asphalt that has been modified with Carbon Char.

Nominally a 7mm maximum stone sized structured dense asphalt that provides superior performance properties over conventional asphalt.

Austek Asphalt Production’s Carbonmastic is a proprietary product that meets the national AAPA SMA 7 specification.

Produced using activated carbon char, cellulose fibre, lime, bitumen and quality high skid-resistant virgin aggregates (58 PSV) our Carbonmastic sets the standard.


What benefits does Carbonmastic provide over conventional Asphalt?

Similar to Carbonphalt for or every 1 tonne of Carbonmastic Asphalt produced we reuse 10 local light vehicle tyres.

Carbonmastic is a versatile asphalt product that provides superior durability and is exceptionally robust.

The cellulose fibre and bitumen rich mix blend create a strong mastic between the aggregates that helps provide its strength and resistance to rutting.

The single stone matrix design combined with bitumen, carbon, lime and cellulose fibres produces a strong interlocking skeletal adhesive bond between the aggregates,

Attracts a very good skid resistance measure when using the British Pendulum Skid testing equipment.

Produces a stunning texture depth measurement (sand circle test) of 0.9mm (TMR spec for 10mm is >7mm!)

Exceptional anti-skid performance feedback from professional race car drivers in both dry and wet conditions…but especially in the wet!


Where can I use Carbonmastic?

Carbonmastic is such a versatile product and essentially can be used on nearly all network applications.

Its greatest attribute is that it can be used in thin layers from 20mm – 50mm, where surface cracking and minor deformation occurs Carbonmastic can effectively be overlaid providing crack retardation

And a layer of strength that can greatly improve the life expectancy of the pavement.

The product provides a superb safety treatment and can be used in areas where accident blackspots exit, adverse cambers, school zones (leading up to pedestrian crossings), intersections and roundabouts…anywhere you need to stop in a hurry.

It also provides exceptional rut resistance and can be used effectively in high stress areas such as roundabouts, racetracks, intersections and at traffic lights to name a few.

Carbonmastic can be used as a replacement to messy and noisy spray seals. Laid at 20mm Carbonmastic provides a great performance life and the overall cost is favourable.

This replacement treatment avoids costly follow up sweeping, unhappy residents and of course a smoother, quieter surface.


Why would I choose Carbonmastic over conventional l asphalt products?

  • Higher rut resistance
  • Superior durability and resistance to fatigue
  • Great sheer strength
  • Decreases road noise significantly.(Up to 5 dba)
  • Improved flexibility and ability to contain reflective cracking.
  • Improves and delivers a high level of surface skid resistance.
  • Carbon char increases pavement colour duration enhancing line marking.
  • Every tonne of product produced and laid repurposes 10 waste tyres.
  • Allows a thinner application layer in comparison to denser asphalts (Must be designed on a case by case basis) – Cost saving.


Why would I choose Carbonmastic to replace spray sealing products?

  • Provides a cheaper alternative when comparing life cycle costs.
  • Provides a quieter and eye-pleasing surface finish.
  • Less mess with no dust, minimal loose material and costly sweeping, happy residents!.
  • Completed in one shift and serviceable within hours eliminating costly closures and multiple site work visits.
  • Improving durability whilst delivering a much smoother ride.
  • Has significantly higher sheer strength via design and is ideal for higher trafficked areas.
  • Avoids damage to public vehicles and claims through chip migration.