Why use Carbonphalt?

  • Cost competitive – only slightly more expensive than conventional Asphalt.
  • Superior durability
  • Improved stiffness.
  • Increasing stability (By approx. 3kn) and reducing Marshall flow (By approx. 2mm)
  • Providing superior mechanical interlock that increases “scuffing resistance”
  • Adding hydrocarbons via activated carbon will improve bitumen strength and colour.
  • Improves compactability of the asphalt.
  • Better for the environment – reducing waste products and driving towards carbon-neutral asphalt.


What is Carbonphalt?

Carbonphalt is an environmentally friendly asphalt product produced by utilising carbon char extracted from recycled motor vehicles and truck tyres.

The product we believe offers superior performance properties to standard asphalt grades.


Environmental benefits of Carbonphalt.

Through Austek Asphalt Production’s manufacturing techniques we repurpose approximately 10 used tyres in every tonne of Carbonphalt produced.

The use of tyre derived fuel oil means we save nearly 1.3 million litres of diesel to dry our materials through our asphalt plant.

This means that around 1.6 million local Queensland tyres are being recycled and reused on and in the manufacture of local Queensland roads from our production plant.